Annapurna to Everest – 80 Days on the Great Himalaya Trail

After several visits to the Himalayan region starting in the early 80s, Pat and Baiba returned in 1994 with an ambitious plan – an 80-day walk in Nepal.

Pat: “Over the years I’ve spent a total of three years in the Himalaya on six climbing expeditions and 20 treks, with more than 500 trekking days. With the Annapurna to Everest trip, we answered the question of what it would be like to get to the end of a trek and just keep going. It was pure magic!”

Commissioned by Equinox magazine, they documented the lives of indigenous peoples encountered along their 650-kilometer route, contouring around six of Nepal’s eight 8000 meter mountains, starting with Annapurna and ending at Everest. They crossed four passes nearly as high as Mount Logan, and the amount of elevation gain and loss was equivalent to climbing from sea level to Everest’s summit five times.