Europe, Georgia and Russia

Trekking Russia

SKIING — telemarking in the Alps at resorts in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy and the Telemark District of southern Norway.

— Mt. Elbrus, Caucasus Mountains (story package):
— Climb of the mtn; hike into Svanetia near the border of Turkey and Iran. Stone defense towers; villagers and alpine flowers
— Tbilisi, capital city
— culinary practices of Georgians (story package):inside family kitchens between the Black and Caspian Seas

— Moscow: downtown, Red Square, Sport Hotel ’83
— Khabarovsk, Russia’s Far East
— Kamchatka Peninsula (story package): climbing active volcanoes, trekking through nature preserves; sea voyage along coast. Eruption of 5000m Mt Klyuchevskaya in ’93
— Petropavlovsk

Russian Volcanoe

Russian Volcanoe