Torngat Mountains National Park, Northern Labrador

Created in 2005, TMNP is one of Canada’s newest national parks, and one of the hardest to reach. This presentation takes the form of a travelogue that gives an historical and contemporary overview of Inuit culture, which leads to the adventure of scouting future hiking routes in the rugged mountains that rise 1600 meters out of the iceberg-tossed North Atlantic ocean. These northern lands are among the most culturally fascinating and environmentally important and sensitive in our country. Our musician friend Ian Tamblyn has plied the coast of Labrador numerous times as an onboard troubadour with Adventure Canada’s shipborne tours, and has generated a treasure trove of music. He sent us the album, “The Labrador” which was inspired by journeys of the heart, and I’ve chosen a song called “Coast of Labrador” to accompany some of the images shot while on assignment in the park. Also, there’s a video clip of a throat-singing performance by Inuit artists Evie Mark and Akinisie Sivuaraapik.