On our way home from Ethiopia, we made a side trip to share our Tao Canyon show in a boutique theatre in a cave hotel, deep in the heart of Kapadokya. I had long yearned to see the fantastically carved subterranean towns and spectacular natural sandstone features in Anatolia, exotic as the wild canyons of the American southwest, yet replete with plenty of fine Turkish coffee.

Sculpted as it is by untold centuries of erosion and hewn rock sanctuaries decorated with Byzantine art, the Kapadokya landscape rivals anything I’ve seen in the American southwest, or anywhere else for that matter. And this is just one tiny part of a country which boasts as many primordial ruins as Greece and Italy combined…

Someday I’d love to co-lead an “f8…And Be There!” photo workshop there with master Turkish landscape/portrait photographer Ahmet Özyurt.

We’d like to thank our hosts Rupert Mould, Sinan Akilli, Nurten Bayraktar, Hasan Karasar and Serpil Oppermann for their many kindnesses during our stay. And best of luck to the students and faculty of the Kapadokya Üniversitesi Environmental Humanities Centre in the continued evolution of your exciting program.

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