Great Bear Rainforest Video Workshop

Photos ©Janis Kraulis and Ron Watts

We had a fabulous week aboard the wooden heritage vessel, Columbia III, shooting stills and video in the archipelago north of Bella Bella, B.C.

Many thanks to Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke, the Mothership Adventures crew, for providing the perfect venue for this workshop – not only were they consummate hosts, offering a level of comfort and cuisine not normally found in such wild surroundings, they were also able to put us and our video workshop students within easy lens range of coastal glaciers, grizzlies, eagles and an ancient Kitasoo/Xai’is Big House ruin on the outer islands.

On top of all that, our old friends Janis Kraulis and Ron Watts were along to share their photography secrets.

Michael and Jean Layland, from our Adventure Network days, joined us as well. Keep an eye out for Michael’s upcoming book – The Land of Heart’s Delight: the history of exploration and mapping of Vancouver Island. Scheduled for publication Fall ’09 by Touchwood Publications (part of the Heritage Group)

The workshop was so much fun that we are considering where and when to offer it next.

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Mothership video workshop, 2008, Great Bear Rainforest